Haute Legz (Ellen Stripe)

$135.00 SGD

Weightless, super smooth and anti-camel toe, the Haute Legz are the ultimate in expression, comfort and function. Like the Haute Shorts and Haute Capris, the flat front design flatter and honor your body. When wet, the fabric becomes nearly invisible in feeling and give your body the freedom to move and be free. As comfy as they are wet, these Leggings dry FAST and don't retain stink like other fabrications do. 

The inseam of the Haute Legz is over 32" to allow an 'under heel' fit (when worn, this length can grow to about 36 inches). The raw edge of the bottom hem makes them feel nearly invisible. The waistband rises up to below your belly button (on most proportions). ELASTIC FREE and fit to be snug.

Don't be shy, the extensive and ever changing collection of prints help you to express yourself and see a confident, fabulous woman in front of you as you move through your practice.

The fabric is the same as the 'Bum Bum's and all other k.deer styles, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex blend that functions superior to polyester and cotton inclusive fabrics. Don't be fooled, polyester/spandex blends are out there posing as nylon/spandex.

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