Haute Bum Bum (Black Tie)

$40.00 SGD $50.00 SGD

The Bum Bums are the ultimate in Hot Yoga shorts. They fit like an invisible glove, hugging your body, becoming weightless and freeing the moment you begin to sweat. Sure, there isn't much there, but you are covered. Best of all, you are undistracted by a soggy bottom, camel toe or a muffin top. The Bum Bum shorts allow you to see your alignment and focus on what's most important- your yoga. Don't be shy though, express yourself and see a confident, fabulous woman in front of you as you move through your practice.

Choose your size honestly, they will fit snug at first but when you begin to sweat, you can shift them into place as they relax onto the beautiful curves of your body. The inseam is a generous 4+ inches that keeps you covered even in the fullest expression of any given posture. Adjust the size strings to create the fit your body requires. The center back double pleat gives your Bum an adorable fit.

These shorts are a single layer, unlined. You need not wear under garments, as you stay covered and will be more comfortable. Wash with love, cold water and hang dry.

Get haute and sweaty, we've got you covered.


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